05 February 2011

Circus! - Dancing on Lightbulbs

This group of acrobats are from the Flag Circus of China and they perform acrobatics on lightbulbs. The first photo shows you how!


Anonymous said...

I like the photos of the dancers. Nice pictures.

Kate said...

The photo would make a wonderful banner or poster for a ballet studio. It's one of my favorites that you have posted.

Ineke said...

unbelievable.Like Kate said that photo is the perfect add.

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

Your photo reminds me of how they used to put the feet of Chinese women in pointed shoes. Ouch. And cruel.

Sharon said...

That must have been an amazing act. I adore that top photo!

Anonymous said...

Oh, oh - must be hot on the light bulbs.
What a stunning photo the first one!!
Were you sitting in the first row?
Barbara from Germany

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