15 June 2011

Emma's Dream

We're back at the Princess Antoinette Park which is a children's garden and where today its paths are lined with mysterious trees.

Each 'tree' has been decorated by children from the various kindergartens around the Principality.

This tree addresses children's life and dreams - you see Emma's in the last photo:

'Life is when I run with my brothers below where I live. It's super! I would like to drive a beautiful black Ferrari such as you often see in Monaco.'

And she probably will...


nathalie said...

Mmmmmh children aren't equal in this world, are they?

"La vie est philosophique"?
Philosophy and Ferraris don't go together well if you ask me. I've noticed few of those who own the latter are interested in the former.

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

An interesting perspective on life as a young child in Monaco. The simple joy of running with a sibling. The far more complex aspiration of a black Ferrari.

What is the world coming to? I would think that a young girl would want a red Ferrari.

joan said...

I wanna drive a Ferrari, any color would do.

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