25 June 2011

Looking up - On Aura Tout Vu - Smile!

This exhibition at the Villa Sauber is such fun. For instance, you can get your photo taken like this and then collect it a few minutes later.

Rather like one of those passport booths (except a good deal more stylish...), or remember the same sort of thing at the end of the pier?


Ann said...

Agreed! fun...

but I find it Glam too ♥

Leif Hagen said...

They seem to be having fun with this display!

About 9 more days until the wedding, non?

Jilly said...

Glam is right, Ann! And Leif, that's right, Monaco goes mad in a few days. I'll start to show pre-wedding pics, ie preparations going on - shortly. Went to Monaco yesterday to take lots of pics.

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