14 June 2011

A Roof Garden

This roof garden overlooks le rocher - you can see - in the distance - the Oceanographic Museum on the left and the cathedral on the right. In the middle ground you see the crenellations of the Palace.

The photo foreshortens everything - in fact there is a big space between this garden and le rocher. I took it on a long zoom from just below the Jardin Exotique which is even further away.


Jameson said...

That's a very cool pic, I like the added element of the person on the roof too. That must be quite the lens you have for your camera. Great work!
You see things, I think most others would miss.

Rob Siemann said...

Wow. I want one like this here, for my wife!

Virginia said...

What a fabulous view!!!

nathalie said...

Great zoom shot Jilly !
Is the person on the roof just doing some maintenance the garden? I wonder if any of the local residents actually go up there to soak up the view. If so, deck chairs would be nice.

joan said...

I've always wanted a rooftop garden. This one is impressive!

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