27 June 2011

Looking up - On Aura Tout Vu - Clouds

This will be the last day - we'll be back - at this marvellous exhibition at the National Museum Villa Sauber.

And why? Because this coming weekend sees the marriage of Prince Albert to Charlene Wittstock and I want to show you how Monaco is preparing for the biggest event to hit Monaco since Prince Albert's mother, American actress Grace Kelly wed Prince Rainier in 1956.

This exhibit of clouds behind muslin is not easy to photograph but absolutely beautiful to look at.

To lead us nicely into wedding fever, take a look at the smaller photo - you can see in the foreground and to the left of the lady, dolls representing Princess Grace and Prince Rainier on their wedding day.


Sharon Creech said...

Sweet . . .with a touch of humor . . .

Unknown said...

Did you ever see that Japanese serial Monkey? He used to travel around on a cloud.

Marie-Noyale said...

I am sure these days
The whole Principauté is like those two dolls
on a little cloud!!!

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