29 July 2011

Carnival 'U Sciaratu' - the Dragon and the Sentry

You don't really expect to see a dragon in front of the Palais Princier, do you? Glad to see the sentry is amused and hasn't hauled him off to the Princely dungeons...

And for the unbelievable...click on this link to read about and see photos of the woman who crashed her Bentley into a Ferrari, an Aston Martin, a Mercedes Benz and a Porsche causing $1.1 million damage. All this happened outside the casino yesterday.


Virginia said...

Again you serve us three fabulous images. Each terrific on their own. We are lucky!

martincalvit said...

I miss Monaco.I just knew Monaco by night, by day is another story I need to know, nice pics :)

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