26 July 2011

Paul Allen's Octopus

There were so many yachts on the water but none as big as Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's megayacht Octopus. In the top photo you see one of his helicopters taking off.

The 414ft Octopus, has eight levels, a crew of 60 including former U.S. Navy Seals, two helicopters, seven boats, a remote-controlled vehicle that crawls across the ocean floor, a swimming pool, a recording studio. a basketball court and two submarines.

According to the Daily Mail, the Octopus was the world's biggest when Paul Allen bought it in 2003, costs £12 million a year to keep up and £483,000 for a full tank of fuel.


Sharon said...

Given the budget struggle we've got going on here in the US, I'm just hoping he pays his fair share of taxes.

Unknown said...

I dread to think what it cost to build, and what he could have done with the money to help mankind.
I think if I was super rich, I would give most of it away in one way or another.

Bob Crowe said...

And it's just bloody obscene.

Allen owns one of the major cable TV and Internet service providers in this part of the US. It has a reputation for horrific customer service.

Gailsman has a good point - Allen's former partner, Bill Gates, does give boatloads of it away.

Stefan Jansson said...

I can't understand how I can live without a yacht and a helicopter.

Pedro D. H. said...

omg! that's a lot of money! I can't even imagine...

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