09 July 2011

Paint Job for the Wedding

These photos might be a little more interesting if a pretty girl leaned against one mail box and perhaps a cute little Monte Carlo dog peed against the other... no matter.

They are to show you that Monaco's plain red mailboxes are no more - they were all painted red and white, to match the national flag, for the recent Princely wedding.


Sharon said...

They all look so neat an tidy!

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

A royal wedding is as good a reason as any to make the place a little extra spiffy.

Inge said...

omg yes....now that I will come back to Monaco...probably in 6 months or so,..it will be so changed from what it was when I used to live there....thank you for the breath of monegasque air I take each day with your blog!

Leif Hagen said...

If I gave you my mailing address, maybe you could mail me a postcard from a Monaco RED & WHITE mailbox, non?
4640 Nicols Road - Suite 203; Eagan MN 55122
(Just in case you want to surprise me)

Kate said...

I think I would definitely prefer the red mailboxes. I may be stepping on some toes, but painting all of them white is such a silly thing to do and a waste of money.

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