16 July 2011

Emerging Continents by Blake

In 2007 I photographed - badly - Blake's Emerging Continents and it's time to show it to you again.

It stands just outside the Princess Grace Rose Garden in Fontvieille and almost opposite the entrance to the Columbus Hotel.

'Emerging Continents was created in 1990 and inspired by global events of 1989 in divided Germany; in barricaded Tiannamen Square, China; in Africa and Asia. These events fired Blake’s compassion into imagination and action, producing this representation of these emerging Continents. They are emerging from, or trapped by, the stone that represents their history and echoes their future. Their portraits depict repression and rebellion and the work plays on the distinction between treason and revolution.'

Artist Blake was born in Canada, studied figurative sculpture in Paris and in 1991 moved to Monaco where he opened his Monte-Carlo studio.

The smaller photos show the detail of each figure, the larger one shows the entire sculpture.

I love how the olive tree has grown since I first photographed this beautiful sculpture and now seems to shield or protect the figure as he emerges into life.


Unknown said...

We saw this statue just about everyday, but I never got around to capturing it.

Virginia said...

You have done a wonderful job with these powerful pieces Jilly. Sometimes I get a "second chance" to get a photograph that I think I could improve on. I think we as photographers must do this for ourselves if nothing else.

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