16 October 2011

Lunch at Alain Ducasse's Louis XV - And So To Coffee...

And so to coffee. And petits fours. And macarons. And chocolates. The tiny silver object in the background is a bird - see last photo.

The blue dessert china was designed for Alain Ducasse by the Belgian ceramist, Pieter Stockman who also designed china for the recent wedding of Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock - another Alain Ducasse triumph. Alain Ducasse, by the way, was made a citizen of Monaco by Prince Albert in 2008 - a rare honour unless you happen to be one already.

And so it's over. A fabulous lunch and for anyone interested this is a fixed-price menu at 140 euros which includes absolutely everything - wines, coffee and the whole amazing theatrical spectacle of it all, not to mention the to-die-for food. Of course it's not cheap and if you think of starving children in Africa, there is no justification but if you can get beyond that and treat yourself for a special occasion, it's truly excellent value. A three-star Michelin lunch in this beautiful dining room in Monte Carlo will be something you'll never forget.

Of course, once you've been there, you'll have to go back!


Sharon said...

These little treats look fantastic. What a great experience.

Bob Crowe said...

Ah, but the silver bird looks lonely.

Leif Hagen said...

My Dad would say, "Looks almost good enough to eat!"
Ha! Delicious photo, Jilly!

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