14 October 2011

Lunch at Alain Ducasse's Louis XV - the Red Mullet's Eye

Our main course:

Rougets de roche farci de vert de blette, légumes en bouillabaisse.

Red mullet stuffed with the green part of chard, vegetables in bouillabaisse.

The fish had been totally de-boned and then stuffed - such a beautiful presentation and you need not ask how good it tasted!

Blette (chard - a type of spinach) is regularly used in Mediterranean cooking. Tarte au Blette is sold in all the local markets.


Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

Wow. This does indeed look delicious, and the gold silverware is elegant (although "gold silverware" sounds like an oxymoron). However, the eye socket on the fish would creep me out, but not enough not to eat the fish.

Ann said...

Looks so delish...

I just wouldn't like the eyes of the fish to be staring right at me ♥

nathalie, Avignon said...

When I saw the fish whole I thought oh, what a drag having to strip the fillets, leaving bones all over your plate etc. - but no, Mr. Ducasse had it all figured out. How brilliant! You'd still have the eye looking at you when you've finished your plate though - unless you're supposed to eat it? Just joking.

I suppose the 'silverware' is vermeil, not gold. What's the word for it in English?

PS - believe it or not, the word verification I am asked to type is 'gling' !!!!

Sharon said...

This is truly the "art" of food preparation! Beautiful.

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