21 February 2012

The Trophy of the Alpes

Anyone visiting Monaco and this part of the French Riviera can't have missed seeing the 'Trophy of the Alpes' at La Turbie, which overhangs the Principality of Monaco.

It was a 50 metres high monument, built in the 1st century BC to the power of Rome and the glory of the Emperor Augustus. It's now 35 metres high and you can visit the Trophy, indeed climb many steps - and we will.

Do come back tomorrow...

(the photos were taken last September)


Unknown said...

100 BC - WOW! We don't even conceive of anything like that here in the US. I love the way you have captured it - are we going to see the other side tomorrow?

Abraham Lincoln said...

Nice shot Jilly.

Unknown said...

I think Gail and I missed this, as I don't remember seeing it, or reading about it

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