06 June 2012

Marc Quinn at the Oceanographic Museum - Zombie Boy (Rick)

Marc Quinn's sculptures are disquieting but beautiful at the same time. Some - many - are scary - at least I found them so. 

This piece is called Zombie Boy (Rick) Cu Pb NnFe Mg Si.  It's made of orbital-sanded flap-wheeled lacquered bronze and was created in 2011.

Just click on either photo to see the detail which is extraordinary.  As I walked past Zombie Boy I felt his eyes following me - in fact I had the strong feeling that perhaps he wasn't a sculpture at all but one of those street people who don't move and then suddenly spring to life.

He is astonishingly beautiful. 

Thanks to Philippe who informed me that Zombie Boy is a real person, with real tattoos - do take a look at the link. 


Nikon said...

The detail is fabulous.
He does look scary!

domino said...

My kind of man. Judging by his face alone, you would assume he has been living in Monaco for a long time:)!

Unknown said...

Definitely disquieting - but a beautiful sculpture.

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

I am relieved that the artist did not use this figure in the sculpture you showed yesterday.

Anonymous said...

He really exists:


Jilly said...

Philippe, thankyou! I had no idea the man himself had these tattoos. I assumed the artist had added them. I will add this link to the text. Merci x

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