27 June 2012

Nall's Pansy

To get to the Grimaldi Forum's theatre you go down, down via escalators into the depths. And there high up on a wall, just before the theatre entrance is this enormous pansy.  Click to enlarge and you'll see this is made entirely in mosaic, in fact Opio mosaic.  Opio is a village not far from Monaco famous for its glass.

Artist, Nall has two installations in the Grimaldi Forum, "Pensee Sunrise" and "Pensee Sunset" - I'm not sure which this is.  Each meausre 6 yards by 6 yards and you can buy postage stamps of the works in any Monaco post office.

Alabama-born Nall lives and works in Vence. Click on the link to read about him and his work.


Anonymous said...

Just being consistent, I never understood mosaic to me it seems such an impossible task. I'm an artist myself-Leo

Lisa in Monaco said...

Beautiful, Nall is an amazing artist and equally amazing man. I am honored to having had my portrait painted and mosaic-ed by Nall. Nice photo Jilly.

AL said...

I can't even begin to wonder how it all comes together from just small tiles....and it's beautiful.

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