12 June 2012

Place François Bosio

There's a tiny square, Place François Bosio, opposite Le Pinocchio which is packed with tables that surround what appears to be a well.

At the back of the square is a bronze of François Bosio, a famous sculptor born in Monaco. Click on the link to read about him. 

When you see photos of hundreds of apartments surrounding the port, it's easy to forget these little gems.


Nikon said...

I love the last photo - the low camera angle of the bust.

Jilly said...

Nikon, I wasn't really being clever, I took it from where I was sitting for lunch! I agree tho, it sort of worked. Thanks x

domino said...

I saw the statue but I didn't know who it was...Often you just walk past something.

Anonymous said...

I don't know but that camera angle sure makes him look important-Antique

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