25 June 2012

Toned Beauty

Don't you love how the soft salmon colour of this lady's dress tones so beautifully with her gorgeous hair.  Note the shoe colour too.

She's walking towards Larvotto Beach and looking towards Cap Martin.


Nikon said...

Lovely shot. (How can anyone walk in shoes like that?)

domino said...

Love her look! Great taste. I hope her face will be as beautiful as we can imagine!

Anonymous said...

The colours in this photo blend so well; salmon,blues,brown and the neon red of her finger nails. It is interesting as well that her face is not visible adding a hint of mystery. Her naked heel remind me of something I read noting body posture. Women tend to reveal the bottom of there palms when they intrust a gentlemen-Leo

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

Whenever anyone comments that a shirt of mine is pink, I respond that it is salmon colored, not pink.

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