17 March 2013

7th Rencontre Artistique - Monaco-Japan - Viatcheslav Plotniko

Viatcheslav Plotnikov is a Russian artist who has lived in Monte Carlo since 2000.  He often paints glamorous scenes like this - the Hotel de Paris featuring famous American film stars long since dead. 

For instance, that's Ava Gardner sitting at the front.  Looks like Humphrey Bogart in the background. I'm sure others are recognisable too.The painting is called 'By Night Monaco.'


Anonymous said...

And Cary Grant is sitting behind her... :-)
I love the paintings by this artist! I have seen several of them in the Sporting d'Hiver Gallery.
How does the artist look like and his atelier? I'm always interested in both - piece of art and artist - the make the picture complete..
Maybe you can sneek in one day and take his picture! ;-)

I wonder where all these interesting shops will go when the building is turned down...
Barbara from Germany

domino said...

Makes you wanna jump into the painting, to be part of the scene. I thought it was me on the background :).

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