04 March 2013


This is the promenade between Fontvieille and Cap d'Ail - the port of Cap d'Ail is to the right.

Looks like Spring to me!


Unknown said...

Spring? I only see neat but rigid lines. Where are the blossoms, the bursting buds? This could be a dead of Riviera winter scene if you ask me. Spring is in the eye of the beholder, Jilly :)

Richard Lawry said...

Lovely photo

An Arkies Musings

domino said...

In the early days Monaco had a lot of olive trees. But when they started to build a lot of them disappeared. There are still parcs in Monaco, but they had to fight for it, and they are protected now. Maybe this promenade could be decorated by an artist, but the weather is definitely spring.

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