27 March 2013

Eze Village - Antonio, the Head Concierge at the Chevre d'Or

If you are ever lucky enough to stay at the beautiful hotel/restaurant the Chevre d'Or, the first person you'll see is the always beaming Head Concierge, Antonio.

I'd bumped into Perrine (see yesterday's post) in the village earlier and she took me to meet Antonio who kindly allowed me to take photographs in the restaurant. Thank you Perrine - and it was a pleasure to meet you, Antonio.

Of course, the second thing you notice as you walk in to the reception area is this golden goat. Isn't he wonderful!

1 comment:

Kate said...

Yes, it's a very elegant and sophisticated place yet I had to smile at the image of the golden goat. Since in some mythology, it is the figure of sexual and sensual activity, I wonder if that enters the minds of many guests!?

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