06 March 2013

The Fur Coat

You'd need to be rich to trail a mink on the ground like this, wouldn't you?  

And for all you animal lovers, I'm one too!  No animal should be killed for its fur - or for anything else, come to that.   I'm simply your friendly Monte Carlo photographer reporting on what I see ... on this occasion at the Cafe de Paris. 


Stefan Jansson said...

Horrible to see.

domino said...

In opinions I never run with the big crowd. Of course fur is horrible if they hurt animals to make it, or if it is made from rare animals. But if this is not the case, and if it is done in a proper way, I do not see the problem of wearing it.

Karen USA said...

I am with you, Jilly. Fur ALWAYS looks better on the animal that grew it. There are other beautiful - and warm - things for people to wear. Killing other creatures for vanity is, as the French would say, "insupportable". I do not even wear faux fur. Why encourage the look!

Unknown said...

Such a shame, and the woman seems to have no respect for the coat at all, let alone all the poor animals that died to make it.

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