26 May 2014

Eze Village - Le Mas Provençal

You enter a world of flowers when you go to the beautiful Mas Provençal in Eze village.  I was invited to dine there yesterday by my dear friend Lynn Espie. She and her delightful granddaughter, Aimée are over from New Zealand, where Lynn will judge next weekend at the Euro-OES-Show near Lyon.  For those who don't know, OES stands for Old English Sheepdogs - the breed I used to breed, show and judge. 

Thanks dear Lynn for a fabulous fabulous evening. What a great time we had. Love you!


Tamera said...


Gunn said...


Greetings from Stavanger.

Anonymous said...


Pardon the belayed reply but it's nice to know you weren't affected by the quake and that Fontvieille still stands (I am sure the architect is as well). I rather enjoyed the past few weeks snap shots, unfortunately I was confined to watch the Grand Prix from my living room. But am
ecstatic about the outcome as it resulted in another Monaco win for the hometown hero Nico. In either case I am positive you're glad the circus is over,best wishes-Leo

Bob Crowe said...

That's almost overwhelming! A photograph so rich I think you can smell the perfume.

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