10 May 2014

Grand Prix Historique de Monaco - Arrival

The Historique Grand Prix of Monaco is held every second year and even if you know nothing about cars - like me - it's the best fun and a joy to look at these beautiful old cars.  There are Bugattis going back to the 1920s, ancient Alpha Romeos and so on.

I was there last Thursday. Most cars had arrived but there were still a few, like this one, just driving in to the paddock area to admiring glances.

The majority of cars arrive in large trucks, along with a couple of mechanics to tend to their every need. These old cars are exceedingly valuable.

Mostly, I noted the name and year of the cars for you but I didn't follow this one to its parking place, so I don't know. Perhaps someone will tell me? The majority of cars had one seat only, so this one confused me!


Unknown said...

Alas I have no idea either. But it looks like the driver's pulled, by the way he's touching her chin and she's smiling.

Anonymous said...


There you have it. Bugatti T51

Luc, Montreal

Anonymous said...

...by the way the T51 you saw in this Grand Prix Historique 2014 in Monaco is now owned by the Consul de Monaco in Melbourne, Andrew Cannon.

Say Hi! to Andrew from Luc when you see him. Hahahahah!

Story is there: http://www.visitmonaco.com/en/AllNews/Two-Bugattis-return-to-Monaco-to-compete-in-the-Monaco-Historic-Grand-Prix

Luc, Montreal

Jilly said...


The Bugatti of Andrew Cannon is a blue car!

The car shown on this page is an Alfa Romeo 1934 Tipo (see post on 12 May on this blog).

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