20 April 2007

Le Millefiore

This is Le Millefiore, the tallest building in Monaco at 36 floors. Not a pretty building but the views from the balconies are stunning with views across to Italy - towards Cap Ferrat in the other direction - and all the time, overlooking the casino. Unless you are at the back of course and then you get the hillsides which are pretty good looking too.

Apologies I've not been commenting much lately. Will catch up next week. Thankyou for comments on this blog. I've friends staying for the Monte Carlo Open Tennis plus 10 dogs en pension and all in the house! Woof woof


Felicia said...

The penthouse must be nice! Ten dogs - you are very busy!

kuanyin333 said...

If you live in a beautiful location, there is ALWAYS someone visiting! Like you...I do too (Maui)...and oftentimes, my friends have to force me to get away from the computer to go play with them since I'm so 'puter addicted ...imagine that!

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