23 April 2007

The Winged Messenger

The Messenger, created in 1999, stands in a park in Fontvieille. The sculptor, Blake, was born in Canada and later trained in Paris.

"The angel-like “Messenger” is representative of the spirit, portrayed as striding forward as she gently lands, and begins to furl her dramatic wings. Demonstrating a continuing interest in mythological history this heroic figure represents the bearer of wisdom and enlightenment, much as flight has an affinity with both science and spirit. The movement of her arms confirm her attachment with the heavens as well as the earth with her right arm reaching to the sky and her own spirituality, as her left searches for the earth and its humanity.

The sculpture was originally created as a monument to the glory of peace and humanity. The expression of these very themes; the spreading of wisdom, and the bringing of intellectual light persuaded the Foundation “Education for Peace” to adopt “The Messenger” as their emblem in 1997, symbolising their philanthropic endeavours to educate for peace in war torn societies."


Kate said...

I love the symbolism of this statue and your explanation increases one's pleasure when viewing it. Nice all-round job, both photo and narrative.

Ming the Merciless said...

If former NY mayor, Rudy Guiliani ever become the President of the United States (fat chance!), he would ban this sculpture for its "obscene pornography".

Earlier this year, an art teacher in Texas was fired for taking the children to a museum where "nude bodies were portrayed in paintings".

*roll eyes*

Glad to see you guys aren't as afraid of nudity as we are.

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