06 April 2007

Yellow against Blue

As I said yesterday, Beausoleil borders Monaco. I had believed this photograph to be of the Riviera Palace but as you'll see in the comments, I was wrong. One day I'll get to the Riviera Palace and photograph it.


Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful building and I like the color too.

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Brookville Daily Photo

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Everything in MonteCarlo remind me to the... Tale and it was a wonderful tale that one about Princess Grace because she was a "Princess" also when she wasn't yet. Thank you Jilly and I wish you a very Happy Easter.

edwin s said...

I would love to live here. i find it very romantic and I can only imagine the times it must have seen.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to inform you, that this picture doesnt represent "The Riviera palace"
You should find the Riviera palace at :http://www.beausoleil-tourisme.com/news/fiches/dimages/DĂ©pliant_Riviera_Palace.pdf
Good Luck!

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