24 April 2007

Lovely weather for ducks

This is part of a pretty garden in Fontvieille - all on land reclaimed from the sea. Running from the Heliport and Circus and finishing at the Columbus Hotel - a beautiful hotel, partly owned by David Coulthard, the Grand Prix driver. This lovely garden opens onto the Princess Grace Memorial Rose Garden. The ducks and geese are enjoying the day as much as I did - and I hope you enjoy it too.


isa said...

Just ducky ;-) And I can hear the gentle sounds of the waterfall...

PS Were you serious about Friday the 13th? That's my birthday, too!!!

Jilly said...

Isabella - we are soul sisters! Yes, Friday the 13th. How about that then?

Mine is October - and yours?


Anonymous said...

Wow. Jilly, the larger photographs are so much nicer to see. And this scene is unreal. It is hard to believe where the land came from.

Abraham Lincoln

lv2scpbk said...

Very beautiful.

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