08 April 2007

Wot, no choccie shop?!

Yeah, yeah, I know. Monte Carlo is awash with amazing handmade chocolate shops, so where's the chocolate egg, where's the Easter bunny? Truth is I couldn't get in to Monaco this last week so here's a photograph taken from a terrace of Seaside Plaza, in Fontvieille, Monaco about a week ago.

So you can get your bearings - here's today's geography lesson. Imagine you are sitting on your yacht out at sea (you with me?) Monaco is in front of you - indeed you might even be moored in the harbour alongside the Lady Moura of course. The steward has brought you a drink - a Kir Royale, I think, in a crystal glass of course and you are munching on Nicoise olives - those tiny tasty ones. Are you with me so far? Before you is Monaco, to your right is France, to your left is France and behind Monaco is more of France. The Principality of Monaco is very small.

Look to the left and you'll see Roquebrune and in the distance is Menton and Italy. Ahead of you and behind Monaco is Beausoleil. You know all about that, of course, because we had photos of Beausoleil over the last couple of days. And to your left is Cap d'Ail and all places west until you eventually get to Nice.

Today's photograph is of Cap d'Ail and in the distance is St. Jean Cap Ferrat. Who lived in Cap Ferrat? How about Somerset Maughan for starters. He lived at the Villa Mauresque. Add David Niven, Agnelli of Fiat fame, King Leopold of the Belgians, Charlie Chaplin, the Rothschilds and more recently, Paul Allen. The magical penisula of Cap Ferrat has some of the most expensive real estate in the world.

I trust you are relaxing, enjoying the gentle movement of the water. Are you enjoying your drink? I'm enjoying mine. And hey, Happy Easter everyone from Monte Carlo Daily Photo.


Deb said...

Our visit to France several years ago included stops in many cities and village between Paris and Monte Carlo. One of our absolute favorite places was St. Jean Cap Ferrat-pure magic!

isa said...

You lost me right after Kir Royale, my fave. I guess I had too many of those, because the rest is just a blurr...I know you mentioned some garlic and ferrets...or maybe trying to exterminate ferrets with garlic...or does it only work with vampires?
As you can see, I'm enjoying myself - thank you!

Ming the Merciless said...

HA! What a fabulous description!?!?

But where is George Clooney in the picture?!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Amazing detail in your photograph and the view is very nice.

Kala said...

that is such a kewl map description of your geographic region - you live in a very amazingly beautiful place - I use Google Earth to visually see all that you wrote!

angela said...

Is this the DP Mediterranean cruise?
Count me in..

Kate said...

I've been offline for a few days but glad that I went back to see some of your former posts. The photos are wonderfully descriptive of Monaco. I was about to reconsider my next trip but then saw the price of real estate. Back to Mexico again for me I guess!!

Anonymous said...

You are quite a story teller, I was totally in there! I have seen some of those places, it was easier to come with you. Thank you for a Mediterranean moment !

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