18 May 2007

Automobile Club de Monaco

The Grand Prix of Monaco is organised by the Automobile Club, whose windows display photos of past winners. There is a Ferrari engine on display as well as various trophies. The Club itself, provided you are a member, is a great place to go for lunch. Almost like an English Gentleman's Club and really good, cheap food too. I've eaten there a couple of times when I've been lucky enough to have been invited to lunch by a member of the Club.


Kate said...

It looks pretty exclusive; perhaps it's the awning.

Jilly said...

It's all dark wood and Englishness inside - you'd not imagine for a moment you were in Monaco. Quiet, restrained, you know. Very un-Mediterranean actually.

angela said...

Is that racing green? Often heard the description used but I've never known exactly what colour it is..

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