16 May 2007

Cage of steel

Grand Prix preparations have been going on for weeks and the stands and barriers are still being put up. This is shot just before the Start Finish line. You can only cross the roads in a few places where special gates have been left open. For the three days which include the trials and the race itself, you cannot take a car out of a garage without a special permit that has to be applied for in advance. Then you can only drive at certain times. Otherwise, you are stuck. That's it. Monaco is surrounded by a steel cage. I took these photographs yesterday and we still have ten days to go. I'll show more over the next few days.

Here you see gates that will eventually close down the pedestrian street of Monaco.

And here is how you walk from the pedestrian street to the supermarket or the bank or wherever you want to go.


isa said...

Not very attractive, is it?
Do you find that the residents of Monte Carlo leave town during the Grand Prix?
Those are some exciting times on the Riviera now - you, with the car race and Angela, with the film festival...
In Naples everything quiets down at this time as the "snowbirds" left already and the Europeans won't arrive until school holidays kick in!
As for Michigan...well, nothing really happens here ;-)

Martel said...

Hello, I present my blog photographs to you on a small city : Martel. in the Quercy (the black perigord in France), the area of the foie gras and the omelette to boletus.

mon blog of photographs on the town of Martel.

Jilly said...


Yes, many residents leave Monaco for the Grand Prix, not only because they can't stand the chaos and noise but because they make a fortune by renting their apartment and balcony for a few hours on each of the three days. Some people pay their year's rental in what they make during Grand Prix week.

It must be interesting to live in two places - one that attracts tourists and one that doesn't. I rather like living in a touristy place cos then I feel like I'm always on holiday! You just have to shop early in summer, that's all.

isa said...

I forgot about that rental factor ;-)
We could do the same to our Naples place (in the winter season it could bring $4500 a month), but I cannot stand the thought of strangers in my house...Pretty selfish (and stupid), right?

angela said...

The film festival is buzzy and fun whereas the Grand Prix is intense, noisy and dangerous so I don't think I'd stay in town for it.
What do you do if you have to work? It looks quite inconvenient..

Kala said...

I wish I could experience the sights and sounds of a grand prix - it seems very kewl to watch!

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