23 May 2007


This man is putting finishing touches to security for the Monaco Grand Prix. The Formula One cars will whizz past here and on past the swimming pool.

Tomorrow at the crack of dawn I'm leaving for the north of France to go to a dog show - the Euro-OES-Show in Gerardmer. (OES = Old English Sheepdog) Hope, with luck, to be able to post each day from the hotel computer. However, forgive me, but I won't be able to comment. Back on Monday night. woof woof


lv2scpbk said...

The photo shows you just how huge those boats are with the guy standing there.

alice said...

Do you go to this dog show with one of your dogs, or to buy one of them, or just to see? Don't answer if I'm too curious!

Jilly said...


Just went as a spectator. Will write about it soon on Postcards from Pension Milou. http://life-with-dogs.blogspot.com

You are not too curious. I've no secrets!

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