05 June 2008

La Note Bleue

Preparing for the day at the La Note Bleue on Larvotto Beach - one of the trendier beach restaurants, with great music. Don't be fooled by the bright blue sky. I took this a week or so ago. Weather isn't good here - raining, miserable - not at all what it should be in Monaco or the south of France in May/June. We are all complaining. Are you sorry for us?

Back from Spain last night and sick with fever and bronchitis, which is why I didn't comment on Theme Day on Monday or Tuesday. A visit to the doc this morning produced antibiotics, and a ton of other medication. French docs love to prescribe. It will surely sort me out before Sally (& famille) from Sydney DP arrives on Sunday. Spain has the same dreadful weather as much of southern Europe this year so I blame the weather and lots of work at the show.

Returned to no telephone or internet - again! A call this morning promised it would be done on the 11th June and then two hours ago - miracle! - two young France Telecom guys arrived and it's fixed. Rah, rah, rah. They said the line was damaged, bent and needed replacing and there was some other problem too. Thanks so much for all comments. Now, finally, with the Internet at home, I'll start to catch up with you all.


Chuck Pefley said...

Rain, eh? Welcome to my world. Too bad, as the weather makes USelaine's idea of bedding down on those beach chairs in lieu of a proper, but expensive, hotel a less appealing prospect. Hope your drugs help :)

Unknown said...

Lovely & sunny here today. He he!

I bet all those pills have cost you a lot of money. I just hope they work. Say hi to Sally for me. I always enjoy seeing what she finds in Sydney to show, just as much as seeing what you show of Monaco.

USelaine said...

I hope you can stay bundled up, safe and dry, with a few warm dogs around you. Rest is the thing.

MmeBenaut said...

You might have the opportunity of recovering too, without so much rushing around Jilly. Hope you have a wonderful time with Sally. Oddly enough, we're having a mild winter so far but it won't last. Hope you feel better soon.

Unknown said...

Hope you are feeling better, Jilly!

• Eliane • said...

Feel better Jilly! I've there were some severe rainstorms in Liège in Belgium. If you visit Fabrizio in Torino, the Po is overflown. Patience, it will all be back when you are in top shape and back on your feet.

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