10 June 2008

Sally from Sydney in Monte Carlo!

Remember the Great Monte Carlo Swimming Pool Quiz? - click on the link. It was won by Sally from Sydney Daily Photo. Here is Sally - just out of the water this afternoon, where she'd been swimming with her son, Ben - two water babes I promise you. Sally, Ben and Sally's husband, Piero, have been brightening my life over the last two days and tomorrow I sadly say goodbye and put them on the train to Avignon and the wonderful and talented Nathalie.


Sally said...

Hi! The truly indefatigable Jilly has shown us all the best sights, sounds and tastesof Monte Carlo (and Menton, Gorbio and Roquebrune)

Thankyou so much, Jilly!

I was very surprised when I dived into the pool to discover that it is very salty water. Great for buoyancy, which helps after all the great food we have been eating :-)

After the dearth of pools in Italy (and the hotel in Rome which charged guests Euro 16 just for a place to put your things down!!) it was fabulous to come here and have a stretch out. It was very popular - there were lots of people doing different things - serious lap swimmers, ladies with their heads held high making sure not to get a single strand of hair wet, people floating and bobbing around....

I noticed many people swimming back stroke. This struck me because it is not so usual to see in Australia. Is it a European specialty?

Kim said...

I clicked on the thumbnail today because that pool scene looked so inviting, especially with that smiling face in the corner. What a thrill to see our own Sally is the subject! So fun to read of your mutual adventures.
It is raining here (and snowing in the nearby mountain passes!) with no end to gray skies in sight for this week, so seeing this bright summer photo is a big day brightener for me. Doubly so to share a little of the vacation fun.
Seattle Daily Photo

ptowngirl said...

She looks so happy and WOW -- what a backdrop of the city!


Chuck Pefley said...

Sally looks pretty pleased to be vacationing in Monte Carlo! Great post!!

USelaine said...

So many delightful connections - Sally, the pool, Sally and the pool, Sally, Jilly, and the quiz!

I think all vacations from now on should involve connecting with a CDP blogger in their city. We could start a couch surfing network. 8^)

Anonymous said...

This is from Sally's friend Frank in Sydney where, despite being Winter today will be 22 degrees. Sally looks so relaxed while we her work colleaagues are exhausted but we are happy for her and Ben and Pierro. Looks like holidays are good for the spirit and body. My slight envy is from the beautiful Monte Carlo which I visited in 1997.

Janet said...

Hi there, Sally from Sydney who is enjoying herself in Monaco! You look as if you could stay forever!

M.Benaut said...

What a great shot !

So nice to see you enjoying your holiday, Sally, especially with Jilly.
I hope you are not mixing up your French and Italian. We look forward to seeing you swimming across the Rhône in the heat of Avignon in a few days.

Desidero che avete periodi felici.

alice said...

Coucou Sally and Jilly! I'm happy to see this blue sky for you!

CaBaCuRl said...

Sounds like you have really been showing Sally & her family a great time.

angela said...

This would make a great postcard..
Glad you're all having such a great time..

freefalling said...

I thought I recognized that face!
Great photo!
Great happy face!

Anonymous said...

...and a message from Nola, Sally's sister in Sydney who gets to mind the family cat while she swims in Monte Carlo!
The gym pool will have to do me.
You can visit it through Sally's pool blog (the photo with the flipper feet). Just not the same as this glorious part of the world.
It has taken this photo and her stay with Jilly (whose comments I read all the time as a silent follower of Sydney Daily Photo) to jump in.
Well, all I can say is that envy has not diminished the pleasure I get from following the family travels.
Thanks Jilly for collecting the trio and so avoiding the delay caused by the WWII bomb.
I certainly would like to be in one of those little boats.
Love to all - Jilly and Sally, Piero and Ben even though they have moved on to Nathalie - I'm sure they will catch this comment when they can next visit.

MmeBenaut said...

I should have realised Sally that you would head for that glorious pool. What a fabulous photo Jilly of a very relaxed and happy Sally.
Love to you both. xxx

Gerald (SK14) said...

Wonderful to see Sally on your blog - I'm sure you had a marvellous time together.

Chuckeroon said...

I'm here to say Hallo!!

'roony (RuT)

Neva said...

It's nice to see such happy faces and the backdrop is stunning! How nice you had a great visit!

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Wonderful ! Sally look like really happy in this photo. This is great :-)

Ming the Merciless said...

Glad to hear Sally & family had a great time visiting you.

I would love to visit you too, one day.

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