31 August 2008


Sometimes in Monaco or Beausoleil, you'll find that one side of the road is Monaco and the other side is Beausoleil, in France. There are so many beautiful buildings in this part of Monaco and Beausoleil. Here you see a balcony and in the smaller photograph, the whole building. (click to enlarge). Note the tall windows opening onto balconies, so typical - and how pretty are those lovely curves at each end.

The building is called Palais du Midi and is now mostly apartments with commercial enterprises at street level.


Laurie Allee said...

Those curves are just gorgeous. It must be fun to live in a place so overflowing with beautiful things to look at!

Jane Hards Photography said...

The architecure is wonderful. The sweeping curves and ornate detail, but not ostentatious are marvellous. Interesting to note the different styles too.

Virginia said...

Jilly, this ranks right up there as one of my favorite photos. I of course love the curves but also the ornate shadows the ironwork casts. The greenery and flowers are soooo....French! perfect shot.

Virginia said...

Forgive me for piping up again, but just enlarged the small photo and love the shuttered doors and the "Pizza Boutique" on street level. That's hilarious.

Unknown said...

Beautiful building!!!

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