23 August 2008

A Monte Carlo Summer - the Fireworks Competition

Each year Monaco holds its Concours International de Feux d'Artifice Pyromélodiques. 4 or 5 'firework and music nights' are held throughout the summer and for each one, Monte Carlo is packed to the gills. You can't park, you can't get a meal in a restaurant unless you've booked well in advance. The festival has been running since 1966 and a win in Monaco is enormously prestigious. The five judges consider the style of the display, the quality of the colours, the quantity and effects and also that the fireworks synchonise with the music.

This year the contestents were Great Britain, Poland, Austria and Denmark - you see part of their presentation in these photo. Notice the lady's hand in the lower photograph.

When the fireworks start, all the lights around the harbour are extinquished - there's quiet and then suddenly - it all begins -it really is exciting.

And the winner? Austria who presented their display on the 11th August. They take away a cheque for 100,000 euros although the displays probably cost not much less than that.

You can see the photograph from last year's competition by clicking on the link.


Laurie Allee said...

Jilly, this purple sky shot is astonishing. Did you Photoshop the color or did the sky really look like that? WOW!!!!!! Gorgeous photos.

Jilly said...

No I don't own Photoshop. Just as it was. Maybe I should have put that photo first?

Anonymous said...

Fireworks are alaways a favorite. So surprised to see they have an actual different nations competitions for it. The daily blogs of day to day activities are such a treat there is always something new to see and learn about Monaco, bravo for the articles!

Virginia said...

Wow. Great capture of hard to take photo at night. Bravo.

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