21 August 2008

A Monte Carlo Summer - August

Monte Carlo in August - A Ferrari, yachts and lots of visitors. Not that you don't see Ferraris and yachts all the year round - you do. More tourists though in July and August.


Victor said...

I've never been to Monte Carlo. But if someone asked me to describe what I "think" it looks like, I would describe the scene in your picture. I guess that's what the Daily Cityblogs are all about and you've really captured that spirit today Jilly.

Coltrane_lives said...

My eyes went immediately to the little red pony! Vroom!

Unknown said...

Oh they are so old hat to you aren't they Jilly. LOL They must be MC's version of a Ford Fiesta and a corporation bus. If a Ferrari drove down one of Nottingham's streets, people would stop & stare. "Is it someone famous" they'd ask, "or perhaps a drug dealer".

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