24 December 2008

Christmas on the Port of Monaco - Crèche Romantique Italienne

This is one of the 160 beautiful Crèches du Monde (Nativity Scenes of the World) currently on display at the Christmas Fair at Port Hercule.

Some scenes are tiny, some almost life size and all are impressive. They are on loan to the Mairie of Monaco, from the collection of Fabienne Mourou. The collection was started by Fabienne's mother 40 years ago and is dedicated to her.


Sharon said...

These are very beautiful. Merry Christmas.

Virginia said...

i would love to see the whole display. I imagine it is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

happy and safe holiday, easy on the eggnog everybody!!! Great collection. is the name of Marie R. collection a person or a museum??

Small City Scenes said...

Oh my, How beautiful and what a treat to be able to view all 160.
Jilly, Merry Christmas to you and thank you for all your kind words. MB

maria said...

I must make it to Monte Carlo for Christmas one of these days - very lovely ambiance.

Jilly, may you, your loved ones and all the doggies have a wonderful Christmas! And you too, fellow bloggers!

kuanyin333 said...

SOOOO beautiful! Merry Christmas Jilly!

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