18 December 2008

Eze Village - Fragonard

We're still in the gardens and looking down, this time on the Fragonard perfume factory. This is a branch of the factory in Grasse, a town famous for its perfumes. This factory makes soap and face creams - the perfumes are made at their main branch in Grasse.

The main photograph shows the shop at the entrance to the village. The smaller photograph shows the factory which is way below the village. You can take a tour - it's great - you learn about perfume making, and you can buy their products which are very good. I was amazed at how popular this tour is. Many visitors to Eze come, not only for the beauty of the village and the gardens, but to visit Fragonard. Click on the link to read more.


Janet said...

Clicking on their website, I can just about smell those delicious fragrances. Just yesterday, I purchased some rose-fragranced gift soap made in France, but there's no Fragonard etched into it.

maria said...

The shop at the factory has a great variety of products.
The shower gel is my favourite!

Virginia said...

Ahhh Fragonard. Did a little ( and I do mean little) shopping in their Louvre shop. I would love to visit their perfume factory. Ever been Jilly?

Halcyon said...

Oh yes, Fragonard! I have never visted their factory but I have seen the one in Grasse. My husband and I spent a weekend in Nice a few years ago and that was one of the stops.

All of these sunny shots are cheering me up. We've been having awful fog here lately.

Tucker said...

I have been there before!

kuanyin333 said...

Well, I've never been to this one, but I'd love to go! Happy Holidays!

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