09 December 2008

Eze Village - the Jardin Exotique: Statuary

We've walked to the top of Eze village - if you look at yesterday's photograph, it will give an idea of where we are. The Jardin Exotique is right at the top and everywhere we see cacti and succulents, including agaves and aloes - and amongst them, the sculptures. This is one of Jean-Philippe Richard's 'Earth Goddesses.'

At the end of the Second World War, the current mayor arranged for soil and stones to be carried to the top of Eze village and placed around the Roman ruins (we will see these later) and with the assistance of Jean Gastaud, the founder of the Exotic Garden in Monaco, they created the Jardin Exotique of Eze.


Anonymous said...

the Jardin Exotique is one of my favorite places in Monaco. The succulents and Cacti are fabulous. They are truly beautiful and add an air of true beauty to the place. All the most unusual shapes in the world of the succulents are what are the most interesting of the gardens!!

USelaine said...

The gardeners, and the photographer, did well to combine all these textures.

Virginia said...

well I for one would not want to be standing in the midst of all that in the buff! Ouch!

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