13 December 2008

Eze Village - the Jardin Exotique: Isabeau

There are many 'Earth Goddesses' throughout the gardens - the work of the renowned sculptor, Jean-Philippe Richard.

'He has been exploring the mysteries of femininity, in his studio in Miribel aux Baronnies in the Drôme since 1990. His women glow with eternity, whether they are made of bronze, crystal or earth. The artist calls earth "the dust of stars" and uses this raw material to bring them to life. These delicate, sensual and mysterious earth goddesses live in harmony with the plants of the Garden of Eze.'

Isabeau -

Le sol me retient,
Et alors!
J'ai la tête au ciel.

Though the ground keeps me rooted
My mind is in the heavens.


Sharon said...

This one is very lovely.

Sara said...

Jilly, I really like that statue! I can't believe how flowing her dress looks...truly a work of art!

Small City Scenes said...

Beautiful. MB

PJ said...

I've always liked the name Isabeau and love this statue and your commentary. The gardens must be something.

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