16 August 2009

Fête XVIIIth Century - Asses' Milk

This stall sells products, particularly soap, made with donkey milk - I suppose in the old days it was called asses' milk. The sign says that the milk of the donkey is the closest to the milk of a woman and that it will cure skin problems such as eczema.

This lady put some cream on my hand and it felt good, not greasy. I intended buying some before I left and regret I forgot.


Kate said...

Well, what I learn from the blogging world never ceases to amaze me. Never heard of donkey milk before, but upon reflection, it seems perfectly natural, and, I guess it is!

I'm vacationing on an island in Wisconsin and get a very poor internet signal. I'll be back whenever I can!

Petrea Burchard said...

I hope the donkey doesn't mind.

This festival looks like something I'd really enjoy! And the setting can't be beat. Is everyone in Monaco beautiful? It seems so!

Sally said...

Thye popular soap here at the moment is goats' milk, and I've been using it. Fabulous stuff. No itching.

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