13 August 2009

Fête XVIIIth Century - the Wine

Copyright 2009 Monte Carlo Daily Photo. All rights reserved.

This is the fourth year the Mairie (Town Hall) of Monaco has put on this festival in honour of Prince Antoine 1st, who was responsible for much of the beautiful architecture in the Principality.

It takes place on le Rocher, the part of Monaco where we find the Palace, the Oceanographic Museum and the Cathedral.

So come along, put on your 18th century clothes and let's have a good day out. And first...why a glass of wine, of course.

In the last photo, you see the wine cart being pushed towards the Mairie - the workers (and there were an enormous number of volunteers) were offered a glass of wine to help them through the day.


Hilda said...

It looks and sounds like a wonderful festival! Their costumes are just gorgeous!

Did you try the wine? :)

Jilly said...

Hilda, the wine seemed to be for the workers, not for the public. However, you could buy beer and wine elsewhere.

arabesque said...

oh! what a fun festivity you have there and the costumes are just cute! you have a great city !

maria said...

Never a dull day in Monaco, right?

Bob Crowe said...

Umm...how much work would I do for a glass of wine? I bet it is of much better quality now than 200 years ago.

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