03 September 2010


Let's have a night out at Moods, Monaco's music bar. You'll find the entrance at the back of the Café de Paris. Moods is open from 20.00h to 02.00h.

This week Moods is featuring the best local and international Beatles tribute bands. The Beatlovs, the Fabs, Liverpool, and the Love Beatles will all re-live the sounds of the swinging sixties!

Tomorrow, we'll meet the Fabs!


joanna said...


That is one fantastic photo, love the top photo. I hope you go and have some fun there and report back to us what we all missed. sigh,


joan said...

Your picture sets a "mood". I love the twilight feel to it. As always, good catch, Jilly!

Boom Nisanart said...

Great Captured ! I like this

Everyday Melbourne
Everyday Shot

B SQUARED said...

I'll put on my "Bell Bottoms."

Anonymous said...

Typical Monaco.. understated entrance. HA! Looks like a cool place!

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend Jilly! ;)

manhattan beach, california

Halcyon said...

This looks like a great place with lots of mood!

Sharon said...

Now that sounds like fun!

Unknown said...

2am! Far too late for an old codger like me to be up.

Virginia said...

Oh now that's a great shot Jilly. Up late for that one. You go girl!

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