11 October 2010

Gone Fishin'

Enter the tunnel (the one the Monaco Grand Prix cars whiz through) and you pass the entrance to the Centre du Congres, Auditorium Rainier III. Walk up to the first level and often as not you'll find some guys fishing. This was taken during the Monaco Yacht Show, hence so many yachts out at sea.


B SQUARED said...

I remember this tunnel from the first time I watched The Grand Prix;a very long time ago.

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

I certainly remember the tunnel. Now, when we watch the Grand Prix we will think of how those noisy race cars are preventing these guy from fishing.

The guy on the right better watch his pole. If he gets a big fish on the line, it might yank his pole right into the water.

Avocaken said...

At first glance this photo appears to be an abstract painting! Really cool angles, lines and silhouettes. :-)

Ken B.

Mo said...

A perfect sihouette picture. Not always done well but yours is.

Unknown said...

Could be a scene from a movie. One of those expressive European ones. The type America can't make.

Virginia said...

this is so oooo good. I love the framing with the silhouettes. Guess this goes in the exhibit pile too!

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