09 October 2010

The Sandals

We're back at the Monaco Yacht Show where these sandals intrigued me. How long would they take to get off - and on?

But look carefully - is that a zip that runs all the way down the back?


Kate said...

She's got great legs, but poor taste in footwear, IMHO! Perhaps that's a good way to draw attention to your anatomy, tho. You have sharp eyes, Jilly!

Rob Siemann said...

Fit for a roman centurion. Or what's the name of the girl in the Asterix and Obelix comics? Can't remember.

Virginia said...

Oh dear, sad when someone with such great legs clads them with such as this! Well spotted though Jilly. You don't miss a trick!

Unknown said...

What horrible shoes. More fad than fashion I think

Leif Hagen said...

Is she a gladiator?!

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