06 June 2011

Villa Paloma - the Pirate

This jolly Johnny Depp type stands outside the newly restored Villa Paloma, which is now the National Museum of Monaco. It's simply called 'Pirate Untitled 2008.'

He's overlooking Port Hercule and to the right le rocher. To his left is Cap Martin and beyond that Menton and Italy.

(Forgive me, I forgot to note the name of the sculptor and will add this at a later date. If anyone knows, do please jot me a comment or email.)


Kate said...

Love it! I thought of our friend Johnny immediately!

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

Ha! He has all the hallmarks of a true pirate - eye patch, hook for a hand, a pegleg and a bird on the shoulder.

Bob Crowe said...

Captain Hook in shades and two parrots. A very studied look.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to mention the TWO parrots. Very unusual... He even has TWO eye patches!!! Ha ha!! So the artist wants the onlookers to THINK. Maybe he has TWO hooks and TWO peglegs as well??
Barbara from Germany

Anonymous said...

Artist is Peter Coffin

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