02 April 2012

All that glitters ...

This isn't a scene I shot and turned into sepia. It's a decorative screen on sale in a gallery in the Winter Sporting. And the edges of the Casino are decorated with shiny stones of some sort. Probably not diamonds! But who knows? This is Monte Carlo, after all.

And if you can't afford the screen (and I don't know the price) perhaps you'd like a handbag showing the same scene.


Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

You post presents the question of whether it would be a problem if a woman shows up for a function with a purse that shows the same scene as the decorative screen.

My wife, Julie, will never have that problem that people in your area may have to confront. Life is tough in Monte Carlo.

Rob Siemann said...

A screen? Incredible!

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