28 April 2012

Top Marques - Book Your Space Flight Here!

Not only can you buy luxury cars, bikes and watches at Top Marques but you can also book a place on a commercial flight into space.  This is a model of the craft that is currently being built.  Space flights will start on the Island of Curacao in 2014 and already 65 people are signed up at a cost of 72,000 euros per hour.  Each trip takes one passenger with a pilot and reaches an altitude of 104 kilometres from where you'll see a horizon that extends from Florida to Brazil. It seems that passengers only need to have sufficient good health to resist the pressure of the take-off.  A couple aged 84 are included in those already signed up.

A model of this craft sat on the forecourt of the Grimaldi Forum.  This smaller version was displayed inside. 

Click on Space XC to read much and see a video.


Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

I guess for people who are not content with an airplane flight to visit the Riviera, a flight to space is the final frontier.

Rob Siemann said...

Definitely the trip of a lifetime! Would love to do it, with my camera! Earth must be wonderful from up there!

domino said...

My biggest dream! I also like to fly to the moon....But I am too little and cannot afford it. Maybe when a lot of big people go they will lower the price, and so I can go with them?!?

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