18 April 2012

ArtMonaco: Love Life, Love Prevention

If you wonder what a bunch of old tyres and a sculpture made of two old cars is doing at ArtMonaco, let me tell you. This is a collaboration between Ladies & the City, l’Éducation Nationale Monégasque and Monaco Dream Art (who we met yesterday) and also the artist, Priscille Vincens (we'll meet Priscille tomorrow - she's a truly amazing lady). Ruvalor compressed the two cars.

The idea is to make young people aware of the dangers of the roads. As we all know, far too many die on them each year. Visitors to the show were invited to sign the sculpture, which was created with two cars involved in accidents. In the larger photo below, you can see the signature of Prince Albert. It will be sold in aid of the charity at a later date.

Meet Johanna Flores (we met her artist mother, Joelle, yesterday) who is the organiser of this charity event.

In the last photo, artist/sculpture Marcos Marin is signing the squashed cars. Look carefully, you can see my signature too - with three kisses! This photo was taken by Kevin Stec.


Pierre BOYER said...

Bonne journée,


Virginia said...

Amazing. And what a very chic and beautiful lady she is . Great portrait again Jilly.

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