26 April 2012

Top Marques - the NEW 1958 Vespa 400

What is such fun about Top Marques is that you find little gems like this amongst all the super cars.  This is a 1958 Vespa 400 that has had a 35,000 euros facelift that took 400 hours.  The company CMH Luxury Carrosserie is just along the coast in Cagnes-sur-Mer. They have even gone to the trouble of converting this Vespa into an electric car.  Speed is limited to 40 or 50 kilometres per hour - but hey, isn't this just the thing to pop down to the shops to buy that baguette?


Rob Siemann said...

Nice, but too small for my 6 foot 3

Unknown said...

I think it is even too small for me. Those seats look tiny. A child would have a lot of fun driving one though.

Chuck Pefley said...

Ah, the venerable Piaggio -:))

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