19 April 2012

ArtMonaco - Priscille Vincens

Priscille Vincens is a beautiful woman who creates beautiful lyrical art.

She was invited to exhibit at ArtMonaco by Love Life, Love Prevention (see yesterday's post) as she herself was the victim of a terrible accident six years ago, shortly after the birth of her first child. She lost both her legs and her right arm.
This didn't stop her but simply made her art even more important to her and sent her off in a different direction.

What an example to anyone who thinks life stops after such an event. And Priscille is now expecting her second child.

During ArtMonaco, she talked to school children about her work and impressed upon them the need for vigilance on the roads.

Do click on THIS LINK to read about and see more of Priscille's expressionist art. She exhibits all over the world.


Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

Good for her. Her artistic talent speaks for itself, and she is helping to inspire and educate young people.

Cheri said...


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